Monday, January 5, 2015


 Hands down, the weirdest comic I've read in 2015.
 OK, it's only the second comic I've read in 2015. But I honestly can't see a quirkier comic coming down the pike any time soon.

 Writer/artist Gabriel Hardman spins a bizarre yarn about a traveling salesman named Joe, who becomes unhinged when he finds a lost dog on a business trip. Naming the dog Kinski, after the famously deranged actor Klaus Kinski, Joe's life quickly begins to unravel, as he, in short order, loses his job, his mind, and his newfound dog.

 KINSKI is a hard book to classify.....Based on some of the reviews I had read, I was expecting a crime book, but that's not quite correct. The closest description that would do the book justice would be to call it a Coen Brothers movie in print. Much like RAISING ARIZONA, FARGO, and BARTON FINK, KINSKI tells a small story about a man who makes a wrong decision, and the disastrous consequences that follow as a result. Kinski himself is almost a canine femme fatale...leading his owner to ruin, an innocent look on his face all the while. Gabriel Hardman has crafted a strange, quirky, unpredictable book that is hard to classify, but easy to recommend.

 Image Comics provided a review copy.

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