Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spider-Man by David Michelinie & Erik Larsen Omnibus

 As we reach the end of another whirlwind marathon reading session, we bid farewell to the webbed wonder with a vastly entertaining collection.

 First off, a lot of the stories collected in SPIDER-MAN BY DAVID MICHELINIE & ERIK LARSEN OMNIBUS have already been covered in reviews of other volumes. See below for those reviews:


The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection, Volume 20: Cosmic Adventures

The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection, Volume 21: Return of The Sinister Six

The Amazing Spider-man Epic Collection, Volume 22: Round Robin

 Now that we've got that out of the way....this volume collects THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #'s 287, 324, 327, 329-350, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #'s 19-21, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #'s 48-50, and SPIDER-MAN #'s 15, and 18-23. I'll cover the stuff that wasn't reviewed previously.

 There's a three-part Spider-Man & Wolverine serial from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, written and illustrated by Larsen, that is basically a long excuse to tell a seriously flat joke about Captain Marvel. Even here, Larsen shows some pretty decent writing chops.

 Larsen's run on SPIDER-MAN is a lot of fun. He starts off with a pretty weighty fill-in issue that finds Peter Parker and Mary Jane going to The Beast for help in determining the odds of their potential offspring being a mutant, thanks to Peter's radioactive blood. From there, we get a batshit crazy six-issue run that features the Sinister Six. with another outlandish plot for world domination, and a new sixth member who is guaranteed to tear the roof off. Larsen packs the mini-series with fights, guest-stars, and loads of fun, and he even manages to whip up a juicy sub-plot for Mary Jane. Good stuff.

 The remainder of the book is taken up with a three-issue arc that Larsen returned to Marvel for, which was written by Howard Mackie, and features that enemy of good comics, The Spider-Slayer(s). There's also Larsen's first published Spider-man story, which was a part of the interminable "Gang War" storyline that dragged on for far too long. The book is rounded out by a nice selection of extras.

 Despite having much of this volume's contents already in other collections, I can never pass up a good omnibus, and this is one of the best. The oversized format is like a secret pathway to happiness for me, and Larsen's artwork looks amazing here. He was also a very talented writer, and it's a shame that his tenure on Spidey as writer & artist was so short.

 SPIDER-MAN BY DAVID MICHELINIE & ERIK LARSEN OMNIBUS comes highly recommended, and earns an entertaining eight out of ten Spider-Slayers:

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