Monday, July 14, 2014

Justice League of America, Volume 2: Survivors of Evil

 Wow, that was awful beyond belief. I just don't get what anyone sees in Matt Kindt. This is the third or fourth try I've given him, and...nothing. I just don't get it.

 I'll spare you a big plot synopsis, because there's not much plot, just a lot of wheel-spinning. The Reader's Digest version is that Stargirl must free the trapped members of the three Justice Leagues (Although the Justice League Dark gang really don't appear at all...), who are imprisoned in Firestorm's body (!!!). THAT'S IT.
Oh, did I mention that it's about 6 issue's worth of a prison-break that's ALL IMAGINARY??? Yes, it is all imaginary. Oh, there's a lot of fighting, interspersed with Stargirl's "New 52" origin, but it all takes place in someone's mind. (I'm actually not sure whose mind it is...Despero? Firestorm? Stargirl? I really didn't care that much, so I forgot, or else I never knew.)

 The art is decent, and I do kind of feel bad for Matt Kindt, who inherited the thankless task of stretching out what should have been a one-issue story to accommodate the FOREVER EVIL crossover. I'm sure he did his best, but this is a volume of pure filler, and seeing as how the team's status quo is changed totally at the end, there was, literally, no point to any of this. This is crossover-mania at it's worst. Bad, bad stuff....

DC Comics provided a review copy.

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