Friday, July 24, 2015

Deep Dark Fears, by Fran Krause

 Fran Krause brings 101 of your deepest, darkest fears to light in this incredibly entertaining (and enlightening!) collection.
 DEEP DARK FEARS collects 101 strips from Fran Krause's Tumblr page of the same name. His cutesy illustration style belies a wicked sense of humor, and somewhat softens the often disturbing subject matter. Some of the strips were funny, some ridiculous, some downright creepy....At first I laughed, then I found myself thinking "Hey, that actually could happen..."

 I took a few things away from this collection, the most important ones being:
A)- Parents and Grandparents tell their kids some fucked-up things. The kids NEVER forget these things. A hastily uttered sentence could affect someone for their entire life.
B)- People are afraid of some strange, ridiculous things.

 That said, this book gave me a few new things to worry about, so thanks for that, Mr. Krause.

Ten Speed Press provided a review copy.

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