Monday, December 1, 2014

Hulk, Vol. 2: Red & Green

Once again, I will state that, despite my immense enjoyment of this book, it is NOT well-written. Not at all.
 Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you that I had a blast reading this book. Writer Jeph Loeb manages to advance the overarching mystery (Who is the Red Hulk?) not one tiny bit. Hell, he doesn't even pretend that any of this stuff is important, relevant, meaningful....As with HULK, VOL. 1: RED HULK, this book contains nothing but fighting. But, oh...what fighting it is!!

 The mindless fights in this book are lovingly rendered by the legendary Art Adams and one of my faves, Frank Cho. Art Adams illustrates a totally pointless, retarded story that finds Bruce Banner in Las Vegas, on the trail of The Red Hulk. Instead, he finds Moon Knight, his girlfriend Marlene, a pack of oddly-mutated Wendigos, The Sentry, Captain Marvel, Brother Voodoo, and special guest, The Grey Hulk, Joe Fixit. Loads of fighting, fighting, fighting, and more fighting, with no plot in sight.

 On the Frank Cho side, we get cheesecake. Red Hulk goes up against She-Hulk, Valkyrie, Thundra, The Invisible Woman, The Black Widow, Tigra, Hellcat, Storm, and Spider-Woman. Again, pointless stuff that serves no purpose, but is sure easy on the eyes.

 There's also a back-up story about the late, lamented Abomination, by classic HULK artist Herb Trimpe.

 I can't really recommend this book, because it's terribly written. I used to say I'd never buy a comic just for the art, but I made an exception for this series. I'm a sucker for Adams, Cho, and McGuinness (Who is only represented in this volume by a few variant covers.), so I'm OK with the story being lacking, as long as I'm getting to enjoy some great art. Your mileage may vary.

HULK, VOL. 2: RED & GREEN collects HULK #'s 7-9 and KING-SIZE HULK #1.

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