Monday, February 16, 2015

Teen Titans Go! Volume 1: Party, Party!

I was going to start this review by saying that Cartoon Network's TEEN TITANS GO! is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but that wouldn't be completely honest. There's no guilt involved...I think it's one of the most consistently funny shows on television, and I love watching it with my son and daughter. I've been buying my son some of DC's all-ages TEEN TITANS comics, but this is the first collection that actually features the likenesses of the cartoon characters, so he was especially happy to sit and read an advance copy of the book with me.

 TEEN TITANS GO! VOLUME 1: PARTY, PARTY! collects the first six issues of DC's TEEN TITANS GO! coimc (Or the first twelve issues of the digital comic...), and while it's not quite up to the level of it's cartoon predecessor, it's pretty funny in it's own right. My son Mikey and I got quite a few laughs out of the bizarro humor, the art is spot-on, and the stories were short enough to keep Mikey's attention from wandering. Mikey has already put in a request for a print copy to add to his collection. It's nice to see DC trying to lure in younger fans......Without new blood, the hobby I've loved for 40+ years will not be long for this world. I was also happy to see that the 128 page collection has a cover price of $12.99. Not bad for six issues.....Mikey will definitely be getting his hard copy.

 DC Comics provided a review copy.

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