Monday, April 13, 2015

Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet

Fans of the classic Adam West BATMAN series will love BATMAN '66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET, which sequelizes the famous crossover episode.
 Writers Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman have delivered a pitch-perfect pastiche that finds the caped crusaders teaming up with The Green and Kato in an attempt to nab the villainous duo of General Gumm and The Joker. Smith and Garman keep the classic show's tone and campiness, and they nail the feel of the series perfectly. The art is more of a mixed bag....Ty Templeton handles most of it, and does a good job. There's a fill-in chapter by Jon Bogdanove that features some of the most atrocious likenesses I've ever seen in a licensed book. The covers are by the past-obsessed Alex Ross, and if you like his work then this is the sort of work you'll like. I find most of Ross's art to be too similar...He kind of feeds off of himself, and generally delivers the same types of cover layouts over and over again.

 BATMAN '66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET collects the six-issue mini-series of the same name, which itself collected the twelve-part digital series of the same name, complete with all covers and variants.

 DC Comics/Dynamite provided a review copy.

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