Friday, July 1, 2016

Little Secrets, by Megan Hart

 Not your typical haunted house story.....

 I wasn't expecting much from Megan Hart's LITTLE SECRETS...A quick glance at her other novels seems to peg her as a romance author, and publisher Samhain's recent output hasn't exactly been stunning. (Indeed, pretty much as soon as this book was published, Samhain unceremoniously dumped Horror editor Don D'Auria, and closed up shop on their Horror line entirely a few days after that.) While the subject matter wasn't anything groundbreaking, Hart's writing style was enough to keep me reading, and I'm glad that I did.

 The plot is pretty straightforward, and we've all seen it a million times: A young couple, expecting their first child, moves into a creepy house, where they soon start to experience unexplainable things. Hart slowly (And I do mean slowly...this is a real slow-cooker, but Hart's storytelling ability enables her to keep the reader hooked by carefully doling out bits and pieces of backstory.)

 The couple, Ginny and Sean, have been rebuilding their marriage, and the new house and the soon-to-arrive baby are meant to herald a new beginning. The new house is plagued by constant power interruptions, and soon Ginny is seeing things moving in the darkness...their cat, Noodles, disappears...and the neighbor's kids are lurking around wanting to play with a little girl that they insist lives in Ginny's basement.

 This is the kind of book that I hate to review, because I don't want to spoil anything. Suffice it to say, Hart held my interest throughout the book, and the final chunk of the novel took me totally by surprise. I read a lot (A LOT!!!), and rare indeed are the times that I don't see the end coming a mile off.

 While LITTLE SECRETS isn't scary, per se, it is very atmospheric, and Hart kept just enough mystery going to sustain my interest.

 Samhain provided a review copy.

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