Friday, August 12, 2016

Superwoman #1

 Remember when first issues were accessible...?

 I've kind of drifted away from DC since "The New 52" started. I've popped in occasionally, and I've loved some books, hated others. Recently, DC did a reboot/reset/relaunch of their universe called "Rebirth", which I don't know much about, other than the fact that it somehow involves the characters from WATCHMEN, which will give Alan Moore fuel for another decades worth of rants. DC Comics was kind enough to invite me to check out some of their "Rebirth" titles, so I figured I'd give them a look, and see what was happening....

 SUPERWOMAN #1 is written and illustrated by Phil Jiminez, an amazingly talented artist who is also a pretty decent writer. The art in this book was outstanding, if a little overly busy with teeny-weeny panels filling each page. (That's one way of getting around the criminally short 20-page length of this issue, I suppose.) I can't comment on the actual story, because, to be honest, I didn't understand it at all.

 The book starts off with Lois Lane as Superwoman. She goes to Lana Lang for help in learning how to use her newfound powers. We see, in a brief flashback, the death of Superman, and the explosive release of his powers, which in turn grants some of his abilities to Lois, as well as Lana. We see Lex Luthor wearing a STEEL-like suit of armor and calling himself Superman. We learn, through oblique bits of dialogue, that there is a NEW Clark Kent/Superman flying around Metropolis. (I have been lead to believe, by things I've read around the internet, that "The New 52" Superman dies, and was replaced by the pre-FLASHPOINT Superman.....But that was not made clear here. Nothing in this issue was any help to me in clearing up  A)- How did Superman die? B)- How did the old Superman become the NEW Superman? C)- Is Lex Luthor good or bad? D)- Is this still "The New 52" continuity?

 I closed the book with the exact same questions that I had when I opened it. At three bucks a pop, you don't have the luxury of assuming that I'll be back for issue 2 in hopes of getting some answers. I shouldn't have to run to the internet to figure out what's happening in a book....A first issue should lay the groundwork for a series. Maybe the abbreviated page count makes it impossible to recap what has gone before? First issues should be accessible to new readers....All that I got out of this issue was a headache from wondering what continuity I was reading about. If the "Rebirth" DC is just "The New 52" DC with a different moniker....thanks, but no thanks.

 DC Comics provided a review copy.

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