Monday, July 9, 2018

To Infinity...AND BEYOND!!!, Part Twenty-One: Thanos: Infinity Abyss

 That lovable scamp Thanos is at it again....

...this time, recruiting Gamora, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Pip the Troll, and Doctor Strange to help him battle some escaped Thanos clones. What could possibly go wrong?

 If you're Thanos, and you've sworn off trying to murder half the universe, what are you to do with all of your spare time...? Well, you create some clones of yourself. (They're handy for retconning stories that your creator, Jim Starlin, doesn't like out of existence! I don't usually like it when a writer brushes off certain appearances of a character, but it's completely justified in Starlin's case. No one can write Thanos like he can, and no one else should be allowed to try, as far as I'm concerned.) Anyway, these aren't ordinary Thanos clones...they're Thanos mixed in with a little something extra: DNA from Iron Man, Professor X, Gladiator, Doctor Strange, and Galactus.

 Yeah, these guys might be tough to stop.

 Jim Starlin goes slightly smaller with this INFINITY outing, handling the writing and art by himself (Aided by Al Milgrom on inks), going with a smaller team of heroes, and telling the story in one self-contained mini-series, with no crossovers.

 I wasn't wild about this mini-series when it first came out, and I remain kind of lukewarm towards it on this second reading.. Starlin's art is top-notch, and I could read about Thanos until the cows come home, but.....this book didn't light my world on fire. Not bad, by any means, but.....basically just more of the same from Starlin. But mediocre Starlin is still better than most people's best efforts.

 THANOS: INFINITY ABYSS collects the six-issue mini-series of the same name, and earns a decent seven out of ten weird omniscient aliens:

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