Friday, March 21, 2014

Lobster Johnson, Volume 3: Satan Smells A Rat

  LOBSTER JOHNSON, VOLUME 3: SATAN SMELLS A RAT is one of those Mignolaverse palate-cleansing collections that fans of HELLBOY and B.P.R.D. will be familiar with, collecting assorted short stories, one-shots, and an occasional shorter mini-series. You're not going to learn a lot about Lobster Johnson here, but you will get to see him kick all kinds of Nazi, Egyptian, monster, and monkey ass.

 That's right, MONKEY ass. As in talking, gun-toting, masked, creepy MONKEYS.

 That right there should be enough to get you to buy this book, but I'll continue.

  LOBSTER JOHNSON, VOLUME 3: SATAN SMELLS A RAT collects LOBSTER JOHNSON: THE PRAYER OF NEFERU, LOBSTER JOHNSON: CAPUT MORTUUM, LOBSTER JOHNSON: SATAN SMELLS A RAT (All one-shots), LOBSTER JOHNSON: A SCENT OF LOTUS #'s 1-2, and "Tony Masso's Finest Hour" from DARK HORSE PRESENTS, as well as all covers and variants, and a large sketch gallery. The stories feature Lobster Johnson, a 1930's era adventurer, in action against Nazi spies, Egyptian Goddesses, Cthulhuesque monsters, Asian Witches, and the aforementioned MONKEYS. (!!!MONKEYS!!!)

 The writing is handled by the usual Mike Mignola/John Arcudi team, and they're in fine form here, but that's par for the course. I expect excellence from them, and I'm rarely disappointed. The artistic chores are also in capable hands, with contributions from Tonci Zonjic, Joe Querio, Sebastian Fiumara, Wilfredo Torres, and the awesome Kevin Nowlan, whose amazing art is an all-too-seldom-seen treat.

 This isn't a life-changing book, but it's a quick, fun, entertaining read, and it has EVIL MONKEYS. Go get a copy, and enjoy.

 Dark Horse Comics provided a review copy.

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