Monday, March 24, 2014

The Other Dead

If you've ever wanted to see President Obama fight a zombified manatee, this is the book for you.

 And this is not played for laughs, either. Obama fights a zombified manatee, and it's played totally straight.

 How this could NOT be fun is beyond me, but co-creators Joshua Ortega and Digger T. Mesch manage to drain every last bit of life out of the ridiculous scenario of New Orleans being brought to it's knees by undead animals.

 This is a hideously bad book. The art, by Qing Ping Mui, is nicely done, but all of his characters are dressed like he's been watching MAD MAX a little too much. Remember how Marvel's street thugs looked in the '70's & '80's..? Leather, multicolored mohawks, safety pins through lips and ears..? That's how virtually everyone in this book dresses.

 I only made it through four of the six issues that will be collected in THE OTHER DEAD, because IDW is back to their old trick of not providing complete review copies. I bopped over to Comixology, and was ready to buy the last two issues, in order to see how it turned out, and also so I could write a complete review, but then common sense hit me: First off, this book sucked. Second, if IDW wants the whole book reviewed, then maybe they should give reviewers THE WHOLE BOOK. Barring some last-minute Hail Mary, I can safely file THE OTHER DEAD away under "I", for "I read enough to know that I didn't like it."

 IDW provided a mercifully incomplete review copy. Get your shit together, IDW.

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