Monday, December 19, 2016

Crabs, Assemble!, Part Seventeen: Marvel Premiere Classic, Vol. 80: Avengers: West Coast Avengers- Sins of the Past

 Slightly more fun than the last volume...

...but still crazy busy, insanely stupid, and terribly overwritten.

 I covered a large chunk of this book (The crossover that ran through two annuals) here, so I'll just be dealing with WEST COAST AVENGERS #'s 10-16 in this review.

 The last volume ended with The Thing joining the team, so this volume, naturally, starts with him running away from the team, for reasons never explained, or not explained in this collection. For some reason, they don't even SHOW ol' bashful Benjy...he is always depicted in shadow. I tried looking the reason for this disappearing act on Wikipedia, luck. Then I thought: Do I really care that much? No. Moving on!

The bulk of this volume is comprised of the team minding their own business, and stumbling across various bad guys. While searching for The Thing, they are attacked by Headlok and The Griffin. While calling on Nick Fury, they are attacked by Razorfist, Zaran, and Shockwave. They get attacked by Zzzax, Quantum, and Halflife, which leads to an attack by Graviton. They get attacked by Freedom Force. They get attacked by The Zodiac. They get attacked by Quicksilver. They get attacked by demons looking for Master Pandemonium, then they get attacked by Cat People looking for Master Pandemonium, then they get attacked by Master Pandemonium. They get attacked by Tiger Shark, then they get attacked by Whirlwind. This has to be the most reactive group of heroes that ever existed.

 Wonder Man gets a new costume....
                                                      My eyes!!! My eyes!!!!!

As I said earlier, this is a truly dopey book, but the clean, uncluttered artwork of Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott is easy on the eyes, and the book does have a fun tone to it. I had dropped out of comics right around the time that these issues were first published, so this was all new to me. Hardly an undying classic of a read, but it is kind of fun, in a "switch off your brain" kind of way.

 Six out of ten devil heads!

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