Friday, December 16, 2016

Goodnight Batcave


 I'm always puzzled as to who the target audiences are for books like these. A Mad Magazine presentation, GOODNIGHT BATCAVE is a $14.99 hardcover that runs a scant 32 pages, and took me less than two minutes to read. (Almost every page looks like this:
 Which is a good thing, because Tom Richmond's art is beautiful.)

 My puzzlement comes from my own standards: I wouldn't pay fifteen bucks for a book that I could read standing in front of the shelf at a bookstore in under two minutes. GOODNIGHT MOON was not a part of my childhood, so there's no nostalgia factor. I'm a fan of Batman, and I'd love to see a funny Batman parody, but Dave Croatto's words (I can't say "story", because there is no story.) have no humor whatsoever. My son is almost eight, and he loves superheroes, and being read to, as well as reading on his own, but he had no interest in this book. So...who is the target audience? Personally, this would be better served as a extended MAD MAGAZINE piece. As a standalone, it did nothing for me. The art was nice, though, and nets the book six out of ten devil heads:

 Mad Books provided a review copy.

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