Monday, December 19, 2016

Suicide Squad: Behind The Scenes With The Worst Heroes Ever, by Signe Bergstrom

 I'm a sucker for many things. Among them:

 I often enjoy reading/watching a good "Making of" more than I enjoy the film itself.

 I love big hardcovers that have random "take-out" objects in them.

 There are more, but those two, in particular, directly influenced my buying this book.

 SUICIDE SQUAD was a hot mess of a movie. It looked ugly, it was stupid, it had a terrible script, the editing was choppy....It was a mess.

 BUT....It was an enjoyable mess.

 So, in the aftermath of seeing this terrible, yet enjoyable, film, I became obsessed with learning all that I could about how they made it.

 If you're interested in any real scoop, this is not the book for you. There's nothing here about how writer/director David Ayer had only six weeks to write the script. Nothing about the constant corporate interference that resulted in such an uneven hybrid of dark-and-gloomy and weirdly humorous. This book is a studio puff-piece. It is credited to a Signe Bergstrom, but it's basically an assemblage of press releases and sound bytes surrounded by tons of pretty pictures and the aforementioned pull-out items. If that's cool with you, you'll probably enjoy this book. I had fun reading it.

 There's a lot of background information on the characters, bits and pieces from the actors, loads of production art and behind-the-scenes pictures of sets, costumes, characters, make-up appliances, etc.  (There's nothing here about the Batman and Flash cameos, which is a shame.) The pull-out extras include:

A dossier of spy pictures showing Rick Flag and June Moon together.
Amanda Waller's ARGUS files on the individual Squad members.
An envelope containing letters to Deadshot from his daughter.
A Diablo postcard.
A Suicide Squad group-shot postcard.
A Suicide Squad group-shot poster.
Blueprints for Diablo's cell.
A Harley Quinn postcard.
An Enchantress postcard.
A C.I.A. report on the Enchantress' cave.
Three sheets of Squad-inspired tattoos.
A Joker playing card.
Harley Quinn's Arkham Asylum ID card.

 As I said, this book isn't going to garner any journalism awards (In fact, it is riddled with typos and questionable grammar.), but it was a quick, fun peek behind the curtains. I picked up a copy for 60% off, and that was exactly the right price to pay.
Seven out of ten devil heads!

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