Friday, December 23, 2016

The Trouble With Women, by Jacky Fleming

 If you've ever suspected that women were inferior to men in every way, but lacked proof....your day has come.

 Indeed, indisputable proof has arrived, in the form of THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN, authored and illustrated by Jacky Fleming. At first, I was in awe of this brave fellow for daring to put to paper the facts that every man is born knowing. My awe turned to sour admiration when I learned that Jacky Fleming was no man! But who better to lay bare the inherent flaws of the weaker sex than one of their own, a traitor to womanhood? Fleming, through text and cartoons, tells us all that we've ever suspected, but were never able to confirm.

 While I will continue to look down upon woman as a whole, I begrudgingly admit a tiny, minuscule sliver of admiration to this Jacky Fleming for her bravery in committing these facts to paper. She has, undoubtedly, made herself the talk of gossipy hens everywhere. Well done, Miss Fleming! Now get back in the kitchen, where you belong!

 This slight, but educational, tome earns Miss Fleming six out of ten devil heads!

 (Andrews McMeel Publishing provided a review copy.) 

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