Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Itty Bitty Hellboy

 By now, anyone reading this blog must know that I'm a total mark for all things HELLBOY.

 But does that include ITTY BITTY HELLBOY....?


 It does.

 I've been a fan of Art Baltazar & Franco since their PATRICK THE WOLF BOY days, and even though I thought I had outgrown their gentle little stories, I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion while reading this book. As a HELLBOY fan, I was impressed with how deeply they dug into Mike Mignola's mythology to find characters to kiddify.....They even included the Aliens from HELLBOY: SEED OF DESTRUCTION!

 This is a cute, fun way to while away a half-hour or so, and if you've ever wanted to see Hellboy try to eat the legs off of Baba Yaga's "hut on fowl's legs", then look no further.

 ITTY BITTY HELLBOY collects the five-issue mini-series of the same name, complete with covers, variants, and a cute little do-it-yourself Itty Bitty Hellboy paper-folding project. For $9.99, you're getting a lot of fun for your bucks.

 Dark Horse Comics provided a review copy, but I'm going to order a hard copy for my five-year-old son...This will be right up his alley.

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