Friday, May 25, 2018

To Infinity...AND BEYOND!!!, Part Thirteen: The Infinity War Aftermath

 Double-dipped again, but I'm loving it.....

 Once more, one of the hardcovers in THE INFINITY GAUNTLET BOX SET is an incomplete repackaging of a previous trade paperback,'s good stuff in a great format, so I don't mind.

 For the particulars, I'll send you back in time two years, to read my review of the original trade, which can be found here. This hardcover has none of the extras included in that volume, so if you came here to see a pinup of Thanos in board shorts, look elsewhere. Again, I'm left wondering if any of these odds and ends will be collected in one of the as-yet-unread/unwrapped hardcovers in the box set. Time will tell....

 Since the bulk of this collection is written by Jim Starlin, you're in good hands, story-wise. The art supplied by Tom Grindberg in a few issues of WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH is still horrendous......I don't know how this man ever got any jobs when he was handing in work like this:

 Hideous, awful stuff.  The interior art is worse.

 Overall, this is probably one of the strongest volumes so far in the box set, and it has me hopeful that my first experience with THE INFINITY CRUSADE will be a positive one.

 THE INFINITY WAR AFTERMATH scores an impressive nine out of ten Starbrands:

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