Saturday, April 6, 2013

Peter Panzerfaust, Volume 1: The Great Escape

 The concept of PETER PANZERFAUST is a solid, intriguing one: Peter Pan, retold during World War II. Devoid of Fantasy elements, THE GREAT ESCAPE tells how a group of young orphans fall into the orbit of a young American boy named Peter, who will eventually mold them into a fighting force to oppose the German war machine. The book hits all of the familiar notes, from the appearance of The Darling Family to a run in with their own Captain Hook. (The book almost seems like something Jack Kirby could have cooked up to go along with THE NEWSBOY LEGION...) The downfall here is the atrocious art, by Tyler Jenkins. Literally everyone in the book has THE SAME LONG, NARROW FACE....differentiated only by hairdos. Peter has a huge ducktail, there's afro-kid, blonde-kid, kids with various shades of brown was impossible to tell the characters apart, and by the end, it was tough to keep slogging through the book, which is a shame, because it has a great premise and good writing. A real missed opportunity.

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