Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reed Gunther, Volume One: The Bear-Riding Cowboy, by Shane & Chris Houghton

 I'm a fan of weird western stories, so I was all over REED GUNTHER, VOLUME 1: THE BEAR-RIDING COWBOY when it was released. Shane & Chris Houghton's cowboy hero is a great all-ages creation, and by all-ages, I mean a great story that anyone can enjoy, not "A kid's book that an adult could read, if he had no taste at all." Reed and his Bear sidekick, Sterling, befriend a tough-as-nails cowgirl, Starla, and end up traveling cross-country trying to retrieve a magical amulet that can create monsters. The art and story work in perfect harmony, and I was reminded of, at various points in the story, the work of Jeff Smith, Guy Davis, Carl Barks, and Mike Mignola. That's high praise......REED GUNTHER is a cross between GROO and USAGI YOJIMBO, with liberal amounts of HELLBOY and BONE thrown in for good measure. I absolutely LOVED this book, and I'm counting the days until the next volume.

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